On hatred, racism, and violence

As a community, we are deeply saddened by the tragedy of the past weekend and appalled by the raw hatred, racism, and violence that were on shameless display by the Supremacists and other alt-right groups. As Quakers, we believe deeply in the equality of all people, who all have “that of God” in them, and we abjure ( totally reject) any violence against others. We will not give way to despair, but will renew our commitment to all the non-violent ways there are to work against these rampant forces of hate, injustice, and inequality. As a community, we will strive to support each other in our individual ways of responding, such as prayer, actions for social justice, or simply efforts to make our daily lives reflect our beliefs in kindness, equality, and respect for all. We will lean on our faith in divine goodness, for we believe that Light can overcome darkness.
– written by Margaret White and endorsed by the Ministry and Oversight of Montclair Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends